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Other service models

Assistance to structural reforms

UT Group can provide solutions to assist the client company’s structural reform, such as to convert labor costs to variable costs, by combining our various schemes.
The solution in which we hire regular or contract employees of your company as our own regular employees and undertake the work assigned to them as outsourced work by our team including these workers. This allows you to keep the current allocation of experienced personnel and to convert labor costs from fixed costs to variable costs. During a production downturn, these employees can be transferred to UT Group’s other client plants, ensuring their continued employment.


UT Group welcomes inquiries and provides consultation for share transfer or business transfer of companies engaged in manufacturing dispatch; outsourcing services; dispatch of engineers (i.e., design and development, system, and construction management engineers); and educational/ training business for engineers.

Features of UT Group’s employment solutions

UT Group provides all-around employment solutions that range from dispatch and contracts for work to assistance for structural reform.

Many companies face the challenge of converting labor costs to variable costs, reduce management risks, and enhance competitiveness, which they need to achieve while maintaining or improving productivity. UT Group provides a function to adjust employment by several ways, including dispatch of and contract work by highly-skilled workers, acceptance of personnel from client companies, and assistance to transfer own employees to client companies.

Key factors of UT Group’s dispatch of highly-skilled engineers: Dispatch by team; high retention rate; and ability to train

Manufacturing dispatch by a team as a base enables well-disciplined performance. In addition, a scheme to reflect evaluation of workplace performance in salaries has contributed to achieving a high retention rate and higher productivity. As our educational/training programs are always up to date, our employees can respond to needs in advanced areas.

UT Group has an organization to cope with stringent industry standards and labor laws and regulations.

In the context of enhanced supervision of work conditions, compliance standards such as the Electric Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) are becoming stringent. We have therefore adopted an enhanced system for compliance. We believe that establishing good conditions for client companies and for working people leads to high productivity and high evaluation and to contributing to society.

Key factors to realize mobility: Regular (open-ended) employment; nationwide operation; and strong hiring capability

One of the reasons for our achievement of powerful mobility is that we have branches and corporate housing nationwide and respond to requirements for workers by transfer of our regular open-end employees. We have nationwide hiring capability, which includes regions of excess job seekers and of shortages of workers, and enables us to place workers in regions with high demand for workers but a relatively small working population.