We at UT Group aim to realize a society in which all people who are willing to work are equally given
opportunities for skill development and career formation, and are treated fairly.
Under this common philosophy, we are engaged in business with a strong sense of mission.




We, UT Group, have grown since our foundation with a focus on realizing our workers’
personal growth and reassurance in lives.
The power of working really brings to us a variety of "empowerment."
The power of working brings to us a reassurance in life.
The power of working brings to us a bonding in society.
And the power of working sometimes helps us realize our potential,
which we could not have imagined ourselves.
It gives us the joy of living up to dreams and aspirations that had been given up or forgotten.
We offer opportunities for skill development and career formation to people who are willing to work.
We also build a "good place to work" with our clients, and continually increase the number of people
who are aware of their potential and who live their lives seriously.
We believe that to increase the number of such individuals and to increase the overall sum of the
individuals’ "empowerment" leads to the growth of our clients’ business and ultimately contributes to society.



We, UT Group, always provide the "Reassurance, bonding, and growth"
to associates (a term for employees at UT Group) as they go about their job in a work environment that is sensitive to market changes.
We then provide to our clients our ability to respond to changes.
We declare that we will “become a company with a future workstyle platform"
in order to sustainably create and support the empowerment of each associate according to the changing workplace.
We aim to realize a society in which opportunities for career formation are equally provided
and associate are treated correctly, while responding to changes in lifestyle and workstyle.


We stand by our people and stay face to face with them.

We contribute to the growth of clients through the growth of our associates.
Our business is only possible when our associates deserve and
Through those associates, we contribute to our clients’ business and society.
While our services are invisible and intangible,
the actions taken by each of UT Group’s associates.
With that in mind, each of us in the UT Group will continue to act with initiative and strive for self-improvement.
Each of us stands by each other and stays face to face as we confront each job, task, and desire.


The attitude of being ready face a challenge while having bold goals is the source of the UT Group's growth and also the essence of the spirit that is absolutely essential in our pursuit of working vigorously.
A high goal requires people to take up challenges.
From the tough times of dealing with challenges our attitude derives exhilaration. Challenges thus engender diverse sensations of "vigorousness" in the process of working.

An accessible goal brings "vigorousness" within close reach.
The possibilities of life are endless, but time is finite.
'Work' is about manifesting your maximum value while offering your own 'time.'

That is why we always maintain high goals, and we are obsessed with enriching 'working' time in life and the content of that work.
How many unforgettable days do you have in your life? How much emotion did you put in during your days?
The life of a person is a result of every day and every moment.
Each of us will keep this in mind and take up the challenge to the limits of our potential every day.


In all of the UT Group’s corporate activities, we determine what is right by looking at society from the perspective of our working people.
Properly reward those to be rewarded. Act in a legitimate, rational manner. Value the transparency of management.
A fair corporate stance both in and out of the UT Group is the foundation of trust and credibility.

As a company, we will comply with laws and regulations and care for the environment.
Each of us will also always keep in mind that we must act properly.
By always adopting the position of working people, we have taken ourselves out of the box of confining customs and industry norms, and by turning social contradictions into sustainable businesses, we have overcome those constraints.

If we find any unreasonable practices or rules that inhibit an individual's vigorous work, we we will immediately correct them and create new systems and forms to the extent of complying with social norms. We also make sure to explain what we do to society.

All for one

"What can I do for the life of a person in front of me?"
We heed the passion of each individual and shape each system and scheme that can only be realized by the organization.
On the repetitive efforts of this stands the UT Group today.

A team effort can overcome barriers that cannot be overcome and problems that cannot be solved by a single person.
This policy will not change now or ever.
The UT Group is a place where people and companies with diverse backbones gather under the mission "Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers.”

While we recognize the different values and roles of each other, we strive to create new values that can only be created by an organization that leverages its diversity.
To that end, each of us will continue to stand by people and take the initiative to face the the challenge at hand.
All of these efforts are aimed at making vigorousness in the life of a person in front of you.

Expanding possibilities

Everyone is born with talent and has the equal right to use it. This is the fundamental human view of the UT Group.
Since its establishment in 1995, we have seen many associates grow through work, become the power of our clients, and enrich their lives.

In the current era of 100-year lifespans, lifestyle and workstyle will further diversify.
The UT Group is committed to creating a society in which every willing person to work will have an equal opportunity to advance his or her career regardless of their nationality, gender, age, and academic and work background.

In keeping with the mission "Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers,” we create not only job opportunities but also businesses, growth of their coverage, and enhanced career support programs.
This is because our business growth means expanding the fields where the possibilities of diverse people can be utilized, and because the new opportunities will make it possible for each individual and each client to grow and contribute to society.