Career Formation Support

We are organized to stand by each employee and
support each employee’s desired workstyle.

  • Educational opportunities and facilities



In this era of diversifying values, reasons for choosing the dispatched workstyle are also diversified. At UT Group, associates (a term for employees at UT Group) have a dedicated career partner who responds to personal needs regarding work. The career partner is engaged with the associate’s wishes, and support his/her career development.


Features of UT Group’s career support



The career partner will
help you shape the future

It is difficult for anyone to achieve the desired career by acting alone and independently. How do you get to know a good workplace, nice colleagues or customers? How can you become aware of your potential or find a job that allows you to develop strengths? At UT Group, associates will have an internally certified “career partner” who will provide support tailored to the person’s needs and aptitude. What career path would you like to take? What kind of opportunities are available for that? UT Group will look at your future together and accompany your career.


UT Group’s three-step educa-tion system that starts from the basic learning

UT Group’s step-by-step education system allows associates to learn the basic work skills and then develop professional skills, so that even the unexperienced associates can get on with their work feeling reassured. You first learn the important basic social abilities, such as basic communication skills, problem solving skills, and self-management skills, and then acquire specialized skills required by each job.


You can build your career in a long-lasting, reassuring work environment

To build a career you desire, you need to find a workplace you like and an environment in which you can work comfortably. UT Group, which was the first in the industry to adopt “full-time employment” of dispatched workers, allows you to feel reassured, take on a variety of challenges, discover your potential, explore a different path, and devise your career from a long-term perspective. If you feel like a misfit in your current job, you are encouraged to talk to your career partner. Your career partner will be with you to seek other options, such as rotating jobs at the dispatched workplace. We know that no one’s career path is a straight path forward.


Test your potential in a
“place” called UT Group

UT Group is a collection of companies with industries and fields that each excels in. We also have unique programs, such as enabling associates to transfer jobs to another Group company, or even to a client company. UT Group also has unique programs that encourage you to take up challenges, such as the system of recommending yourself as a candidate for executive officer or manager. You can expand your potential by utilizing our various systems and mechanisms, which have been born from being close to the workers’ position.


unique systems

  • Job Change System

    Work Selection System

    This system allows associates to apply for placement and job transfer of their choice. It covers all dispatched workplaces of the UT Group. This is intended to achieve the best match for the associate’s wishes, qualities, and abilities.

  • One UT

    System of transfer within the UT Group

    The One UT System supports career changes to engineering positions in UT Group companies. A wealth of training programs is available for applicants. In fiscal 2019, 322 associates changed careers within UT Group.

  • Next UT

    System of transfer to client companies

    The Next UT system functions to make our experienced technical associates become full-time associates of our client companies. Our associates are motivated as their career choices are broadened, while our client companies benefit by recruiting people with proven capabilities and job attitudes.

  • Base evaluation

    salary increase based on evaluation ranking

    Evaluation at the dispatched workplace above all provides the opportunity for career advancement. Work status is evaluated based on basic salary (objective management, work attitude, behavioral evaluation) and job salary (skills) and the evaluation results are used as the basis for salary increase and bonuses. We believe that fair evaluation motivates associates and leads to the improvement of their retention rate and the enhancement of their skills.

  • UT Entry System

    System to apply for an executive position

    The UT Entry system allows associates to nominate themselves for a different position and or to take up the challenge to an executive officer of UT Group and its group companies. This is the industry’s first system that provides all associates a fair career advancement opportunity and motivation.


Provide educational opportunities to build a career


Specific expertise and practical technical skills need to be acquired to become
a member of a manufacturing technical staff or engineer.
UT Group has established venues where basic training and practical training are carried out for each area.
We also lead the staffing industry in education and help associates obtain certifications.
The combination of advanced education and nationwide hiring capabilities has resulted
in our capacity in high-productivity personnel mobilization.


The One UT program that supports associates who work in manufacturing workplaces to change a career to that of an engineer gives applicants the initial training course for basic knowledge as the first step. By taking this course, UT associates in a different job category can open a window of opportunity to move to another group company or to change career. About 500 associates in manufacturing workplaces change their career every year. We thus respond to associates’ ambition and develop highly-valuable associates.


Equipment maintenance training programs respond to needs in the manufacturing industry. Responding to needs of client companies leads to deepening of the relationship of trust with them and to expanding our employment. Our other objectives of maintenance training include development of more skillful associates, enhancement of their salary level, and creation of a longer-term career formation environment for these associates. The programs are oriented from the viewpoint of associates. Career options include a transfer to a major manufacturer.



“UTACC” is a training facility designed to acquire the skills and knowledge needed on the job site in a short time and to train engineers who are ready to work. From inexperienced to experienced engineers, we will help engineers advance their careers, regardless of their experience.


These Centers are training facilities to develop engineers for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The Centers are in four locations: Kitakami City (Iwate Prefecture), Yokkaichi City (Mie Prefecture), Osaka (Osaka Prefecture), and Kumamoto City (Kumamoto Prefecture). From basic working skills to knowledge and skills in specialized areas, the Centers help develop engineers that adapt to a wide range of roles in semiconductor manufacturing.