We look at the changing social and
economic environment, create a platform,
and move into a new stage of growth.

Manabu Sotomura, President and Representative Director, UT Group Inc.



I would like to thank our shareholders and investors for continued support for UT Group.

I am Manabu Sotomura and I have been appointed President of UT Group from April 2024. Since founding, we have developed a worker dispatch business with our open-ended employment contract method, which was unusual in the manufacturing dispatching industry, and has established ourselves as a leading company in the industry. Looking back, there have been several major events in the business environment, such as the IT recession, the global financial crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have experienced a number of very difficult phases in managing the company. Each time, we have returned to the origin of our undeviating philosophy of “pursuit of value for the people who work” and have overcome difficulties while responding flexibly to the needs of the times. We regard not only the “client companies”, but the “workers” whom we call “associates” as being our customers, and we provide equal growth opportunities for all the associates who are motivated to work, and help enhance their skills and motivation. This, we believe, has enabled us to provide sustained value to the client companies. This has also resulted in a competitive advantage in response to the changing business environment, and the source of sustainable growth.

In February 2024, UT Group formulated its the Rolling Plan of the Fourth Medium-term Business Plan. While the value of workers rises up with the backdrop of the working-age population shrink, we will endeavor to build a more convenient service foundation with the view of “dispatch” workstyle as a service we provide to workers. And we aim to create and spread a “diversity & inclusion” workstyle platform across Japan as the most preferred company by dispatch workers. I believe that this is our social mission and will bring us into a new stage of growth.

Your continued support and understanding of UT Group is greatly appreciated.