Basic Sustainability Policy

UT Group respects each and every worker and seeks to harmonize with society from the perspective of workers.

UT Group strives to create, with client companies, good workplaces that allow many workers to be empowered and pursue their potential, and to increase workplaces where both workers and companies grow in a virtuous circle. Under the mission “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers,” all UT Group executives and employees are expected to naturally contribute to the sustainable coexistence and co-prosperity of individuals and society by realizing an "organization in which diverse individuals are recognized and mutually benefit by interaction with each other."

1. Respect individual dignity

Respect of individual dignity is essentially the corporate purpose of UT Group, which aims to realize a society in which all motivated people are equally given opportunities for skill development and career formation, and are treated fairly. While striving to ensure the security and safety of the working environment and information security, we will work to create an organization in which diverse individuals are recognized and utilized by each other.

2. Broaden potential of individuals

UT Group will strive to enhance career support that enables many individuals to pursue their individuality and potential throughout their lives. We will also expand our business and its domains through sound transactions so that we can sustainably provide employment and growth opportunities.

3. Maintain the coexistence and prosperity of individuals and society

UT Group strives to create and increase with, client companies, good workplaces where both workers and companies grow in a virtuous circle in order to provide a dependable workplace where as many people as possible are empowered and work vigorously for a long time. In doing so, we will always have a public perspective Also, not only will we vigorously comply with social ethics and prevailing trends, but also will strengthen corporate governance and to reduce environmental impact. We will thus strive to maintain the coexistence and mutual prosperity of individuals and society with strong connections to the public perspective.

UT GROUP Sustainability Data Book

This Data Book explains our thoughts, initiatives, indicators, etc. regarding sustainability. The contents are categorized according to our four key themes, and a wide range of information and data are included so that stakeholders can better understand the details of UT Group's activities.