Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. When we obtain personal information, we will identify the purpose of use and will do so in a legal and fair manner within the scope of our legitimate business operations.
  2. We will use the personal information it has acquired only within the scope of its intended use, and will take measures to prevent any unintended use.
  3. When we consign or provide personal information to a third party, we will select a person who meets the sufficient level of protection and take appropriate measures based on contracts, etc.
  4. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, national guidelines and other codes.
  5. We recognize risks such as leakage, loss or damage to personal information, establishes internal standards and systems of responsibility for preventing and correcting such risks, and takes appropriate measures.
  6. We will respond promptly and honestly to complaints and consultations concerning the handling of personal information from the individual.
  7. Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, we will endeavor to protect personal information appropriately, and will continue to improve the system and system of management to protect personal information.

Date established: June 1, 2007
Last revised: April 1, 2019

Yoichi Wakayama
President, Representative Director & CEO
UT Group Co., Ltd.

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information for the following purposes:

Target information Intended use
(1)Information of shareholders and investors
  • Management of shareholders based on laws and regulations
  • Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations based on laws and regulations
  • Response to inquiries
  • Implementation of IR-related measures such as questionnaires
(2)Information of the officers and employees of the business partner
  • Management of client company information
  • Conducting of surveys and monitoring on services
  • Provision of services and related information provided, and gathering of requests
(3)Information acquired in connection with contracted businesses
  • Conducting of outsourced work
(4)Information obtained through media coverage during public relations activities
  • Posting in advertising media and various media
(5)Information of people who have applied for employment in UT Group
  • Provision of information and correspondence to applicants in recruitment, selection and recruitment activities
(6)Associate information
  • Personnel and labor management
  • Health and safety management
  • Provision of benefits
  • Understanding of emergency contact information
  • Personnel appraisal
  • Human resource development
  • Handling of change in workplace, seconding and transfer
  • Management of payroll and tax
  • Management of assignment and expenses
  • Guidance and proposals of the services provided by the UT Group
  • Prevention of outbreaks of infectious diseases
  • Response to inquiries
(7)Information on entry and exit management
  • Attendance management and safety confirmation in the event of a disaster


2. Privacy Administrator

Head of the Legal Compliance Department

3. Collection, storage and use of personal information

(1)We acquire personal information within the scope of the above intended use, and shall not acquire any of the following personal information. However, this does not apply when there are specific professional needs or it is essential to achieve other business purposes, and when the information is obtained from the person to whom the intended use is indicated.

  1. Race, ethnicity, social status, family status, legal domicile, birth place, and other matters that could cause social discrimination
  2. Matters related to thought, beliefs and religions
  3. Status of labor union membership

(2)When we acquire personal information, we obtain it directly from the individual or by legitimate and fair means, such as by obtaining it from another person under the consent of the individual.

(3)The storage or use of personal information is limited to the intended use. However, this shall not apply if the person’s consent is received for another purpose of storage or use, or if other laws require to do so.

4. Proper management of personal information

(1) With respect to personal information relating to the storage or use of such information, we take measures relating to the following matters:

  1. Measures to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary according to the purpose
  2. Measures to prevent the loss, destruction, or alteration of personal information
  3. Measures to prevent access to personal information by unauthorized persons
  4. Measures to destroy or delete personal information that is no longer required to be stored for the intended use

(2)We prepare and comply with regulations concerning the proper management of personal information, including the following matters:

  1. Matters related to education and training, such as training for individuals who handle personal information
  2. Matters related to the handling of disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information when requested by the individual
  3. Matters related to the handling of complaints relating to the handling of personal information

(3)We do not give disadvantageous treatment to the individual because of a request for the disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information.

5. Compliance with laws regarding the protection of personal information

We fall under the Personal Information Handling Operators set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and will comply with the obligations set forth in the Act.

6. Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not provide personal information to third parties without first obtaining the consent of the individual, except in the following cases:

  1. in accordance with laws and regulations
  2. when it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain his or her consent
  3. when there is a risk of harm to one of the Company’s rights or legitimate interests
  4. when there is a risk of impeding the execution of the affairs prescribed by the laws and regulations of the national or local governments
  5. when the purpose of the use is deemed to be obvious in light of the status of the acquisition

7. Shared use of personal information

We may provide to our group companies the personal information acquired because of the needs such as for employment activities, sales activities and management of group companies.

8. Entrusted personal information

We may consign personal information to other businesses to the extent necessary to achieve the intended use. In this case, we select a contractor that has a personal information protection system in place, and conclude a contract regarding the protection of personal information.

9. Use of anonymous processing information

Based on the personal information provided, we may create anonymous processing information that is processed so that it cannot identify the individual. We may use anonymous processing information that does not personally identify the individuals without any restrictions.

10. Matters related to procedures, etc. in response to requests for disclosure, etc.

The procedures for responding to the individual’s request to disclose, inform of the intended use of, correct, add, delete, or suspend use of the personal information, erase all the information, or suspend provision of the information to a third party (hereafter “the disclosure, etc.”) are as follows:

Address to which requests for the disclosure, etc. are made
For requests for the disclosure, etc., please send by mail the designated application form and the necessary documents to the address listed below. When you mail the application form to us, please use the methods that the delivery is recorded, such as the delivery record mail and or the simple registered mail.

A written submission in a request for the disclosure, etc.
When you make a request for the disclosure, etc., please download the following application form, fill in all mandatory items, and enclose a copy of one of the following documents for identification purpose. Please mail them to the Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Office of UT Group Co., Ltd..

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Passport
  3. Health insurance card
  4. Pension book
  5. Public document such as an alien registration card

* If the “legal domicile” is listed in the document confirming your identity, please black it out before submitting. If it is not blackened out, we shall black it out and deem that we have not acquired it.

[Application Form]

  1. Request for the disclosure of personal information or notification of the intended use (charges apply)
    ・Request for disclosure, etc. of personal information[PDF:68KB]
  2. Request to correct, add, delete, or suspend use of the personal information, erase all the information, or suspend provision of the information to a third party (free of charge)
    ・Request for correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information[PDF:71KB]

Request for the disclosure, etc. by a representative
In addition to the above submission, please include the following documents when delegating requests for the disclosure, etc. to your agent.

(1)In the case of a legal representative

  1. Document to prove the authority of statutory representation (a copy of family register excerpt issued within the last three months, or, in the case of a person with parental authority, a copy of the insurance certificate within the validity period that contains the dependent (child)).
  2. One copy of the public document to prove that you are a legal representative
    a. Driver’s license
    b. Passport
    c. Health insurance card
    d. Alien registration card

(2)Proxy by delegation

  1. Letter of Delegation with Request for Disclosure of Personal Information[PDF:30KB]
  2. Your seal registration certificate (issued within the last three months and for the seal stamped on your proxy letter)
  3. Fees
    A fee of 800 yen and consumption tax will be charged per application only for notification of the intended use or for disclosure of the contents. Please include a postal stamp of 800 yen and for consumption tax in your application.
    If the postal stamp enclosed is not sufficient or the postal stamp is not included, we will contact you. If you will not pay within a specified period, we will deem that we have not received the request for disclosure.

    How to respond to requests for the disclosure, etc.
    Any notices or disclosures made on request will be responded to in writing at the address provided on the application form.

    Intended use of the personal information
    obtained in connection with requests for the disclosure, etc.
    Personal information acquired in response to a request for the disclosure, etc. is handled only to the extent necessary for the request for the disclosure, etc.

    Cases where we cannot respond to your request for the disclosure, etc.
    Please be aware that we cannot respond to your request for the disclosure, etc. if any of the following applies:
    (1) when the documents submitted are incomplete
    (2) when the identity of the person cannot be verified
    (3) when the authority of statutory representation cannot be verified in the request by the representative
    (4) when the request does not correspond to the personal information held by the Company
    (5) when there is no payment of the fees and consumption tax as set forth above
    (6) in case of violation of other laws and regulations