Open up new platforms that will unlock the potential of workers and enhance the corporate competitiveness

President, Representative Director
UT Group Co., Ltd.

Manabu Sotomura

Under the mission, “create vigorous workplaces empowering workers,” UT Group aims at realizing a sustainable society in which workers and companies can grow together by creating a new social infrastructure, a “career platform”.

Much of the framework that has supported Japan’s economy since WWII, including employment schemes based on the assumption of permanent employment, has ceased to function well, due to the declining productive population, the progress of aging, the expansion of globalization, and other changes. In order to respond to such a changing environment, society as a whole must seriously consider how companies can ensure the employment mobility demanded by society and how the productivity of each worker can be raised.

Shortly after the company was formed we felt an urge to adopt the position of workers and have deliberately deviated from what was normal in the industry. We did this by creating systems similar to those for employees of general operating companies, including aspects of those companies such as open-ended (indefinite) employment, skills education, and performance-based pay.

The introduction of these systems, which may appear to increase management risk for a worker dispatch company, was questioned by our peers and we were at times regarded as a maverick. However, our client companies who agreed to us supported us and so did our employees. That is why we have achieved the highest growth in the manufacturing dispatch industry in recent years, and have grown to become a leading company in Japan in terms of having a top-class, large workforce.

In an era where social uncertainty is increasing and companies and individuals are being asked to adapt to rapid and significant change in the environment, UT Group is promoting ways in which people work without being bound to a single company, and create a “career platform” that will serve as a venue for employment and vocational training, together with our customers and society, so as to provide to employees opportunities for career formation and enhanced benefits that exceed those for regular corporate employees.