UT Group is committed to maintaining an open corporate attitude and improving sustainable corporate value through dialogues with stakeholders in order to help resolve issues of clients while respecting each individual.

UT Group is aware of its social responsibilities as a company that provides the employment stability and supply of workers, which are a part of the public infrastructure. We find it important to accurately understand and respond to the needs and expectations of UT Group, as it continues to be a company trusted by society and stakeholders. We will strive to collaborate with stakeholders through appropriate information gathering, disclosure, dialogues, and other communications.

Key stakeholders

* Selection based on business relevance and importance

Stakeholders Policy of action Communication opportunities
Associates UT Group strives to improve both associate satisfaction and client satisfaction by providing an environment that supports self-realization through the work performed by each associate.
  • Counseling by a Career Partner
  • Internal portal site and internal reports
  • UT app (internal communication tool)
  • Associate training
  • Self-evaluation system and personal interviews
  • Associate meetings
  • Internal reporting contacts
Clients UT Group strives to improve both customer satisfaction and associate satisfaction by providing services by its highly motivated employees and through activities to improve the working environment.
  • Daily sales and marketing activities
  • Corporate websites
  • Contact centers
  • Customer surveys
Job seekers UT Group strives to expand the possibilities of each individual by being engaged with the career of each job seeker and providing advice on career formation and accurate information about work and the company.
  • Company briefings
  • Interviews
  • Job sites and job ads
Shareholders and investors UT Group emphasizes transparent management and information disclosure. We communicate in accordance with our IR Policy to ensure transparency and fairness.
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Shareholder briefing
  • Financial results briefing
  • Briefing for individual investors
  • Meeting with institutional investors
  • IR information site