UT Group’s business objective is to continuously improve its sustainable corporate value by ensuring a stable financial base and achieving high growth driven by active business development.
We also recognize returning profits to our shareholders as a key management issue. Through dividend payment as well as share buybacks that help improve capital efficiency, we will deliver optimal shareholder returns based on the general share price level, business environment, and other factors, with a total return ratio of 30% as our baseline target.


UT Group’s policy to support its workers has not been changed since UT’s foundation. Associates (a term for employees at UT Group) enhance their skills and therefore their value, which leads to higher unit prices, higher salaries, and higher sales and profit of the Company. We also assist associates to become UT Group’s shareholders in order to make them feel the impact of their efforts in growth of the Company and to support their long-term asset formation by participating in the Employee Shareholding Plan.


In keeping with the mission to “create vigorous workplaces empowering workers”, UT Group has created a cycle in which workers play a key role, manage the organization, and support other workers. UT Group’s workers include dispatch workers who work at our client companies’ site and associates who support business as administrative or office staff. In the management team, roughly one half has the experience of having been a dispatched worker. UT Group’s workers can also be its shareholders through the employee shareholding plan. That is why we say that our associates are our customers, managers, and shareholders. This is another reason why UT Group continues to realize growth.


We believe that UT Group’s growth cycle works when our associates, management and shareholders all aim at the Company’s sustainable growth. To achieve this, we believe that our shareholders need to realize the benefit of profit generated by the Company through its growth, which stems from the growth of each associate. Based on this concept, UT Group positions continuous return on profits to shareholders as an important management policy. Through the dividend payment and the acquisition of treasury stock, which contributes to the improvement of dividends and capital efficiency, the Company will conduct an optimal return to shareholders by making a comprehensive assessment of stock price levels, business environment, and other factors and based on a return-to-equity ratio of 30% or more. Please support UT’s cycle of sustainable growth.