UT Group's unique feature

Technology Skill Development

Specialized in developing engineers for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
The aim is for workers to acquire knowledge and skills needed in a wide range of job roles.

We have established the UT Group Technology Skill Development Centers in four locations, in Kitakami City (Iwate Prefecture), Yokkaichi City (Mie Prefecture), Osaka City (Osaka Prefecture), and Kumamoto City (Kumamoto Prefecture), as training facilities for developing semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers. From basic working skills to knowledge and skills in specialized areas, we develop engineers that adapt to a wide range of roles in semiconductor manufacturing.

Job types to develop at the Training Centers

Among semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers, we mainly have skill development programs of two job types.
1. Jobs for repair, inspection, and maintenance of equipment
2. Jobs to monitor production processes and evaluate, analyze, and improve equipment
We plan to expand job types to include equipment startup and troubleshooting. The trainers have experience in manufacturing in the semiconductor industry and are capable of training and teaching.

Time-series education (2-3 months)

The Technology Skill Development Center is where you learn before assignment, during the education and development period, and after the assignment as follow-up. This is therefore a place for a long-time learning, not simply spot training.

Two-step educational curriculum

Our curriculum has two stages: training for basic capabilities to perform the necessary jobs regardless of the job type on the ground floor; and development of specialized knowledge and skills for specific job types on the second floor. The former includes various types of communication and the ability to collaborate in the workplace. The latter includes the understanding of terminology and safety, the use of various tools, and the understanding and mastering of how to operate equipment. Diverse equipment and tools are available at UT Group’s Technology Skill Development Center for learning and practice, in addition to lecture-style courses.