• Corporate philosophy [UT Group’s Promises]

Corporate philosophy [UT Group’s Promises]

UT Group’s promises are its standards and guidelines for UT Group employees to
make judgement and its commitment to its stakeholders or society.
We will always engage in businesses with a strong sense of mission and awareness of UT Group’s promises.

Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers.

UT Group gives an opportunity to take on challenges to all of its workforce.
We believe that making a brave challenge to achieve a high goal makes a person grow and brings joy to that person.
We further believe that such a vigorous work attitude results in responding to client expectations and contributing to a better future for Japan.

Value of being “vigorous”

Since its foundation, UT Group has highly valued being “vigorous.”
We believe that “working vigorously" makes people grow, and their combined power will grow our group.
When the company grows, its corporate value will rise and that outcome will be shared with its employees, creating a virtuous cycle of being “vigorous."

Job security makes for being “vigorous”

Job security is the basis of being “vigorous."
We provide employment security for all employees.
“Regular" employment (with termless employment contract) is what we promise from the outset. By now, UT Group has established client workplaces right across Japan, and local secure job opportunities are increasing for our workers.

Teamwork and chances to learn
make workers more vigorous and empowered

Our employees can grow through their work. This is important for working “vigorously."
Our new hires with no experience learn and become skillful while working with their team leaders or veteran workers.
Working in a team with a shared goal encourages its members to take responsibility, learn from each other, and create a positive teamwork spirit.

Highly-motivated people work“vigorously”

The growth of employees is important for UT Group. We offer career advancement opportunities inside and outside the company.
One such example is our “Entry System" to appoint important executive positions from candidates who apply for positions by themselves. Our “One UT Project" allows our employees to change their job or transfer to another Group company.
We also have many training courses for our ambitious employees. The objective of our “Super Manager School" is to foster future executives of UT Group through lectures given by the Group’s management. Our “MTM Training" program offers courses on management leadership.

Profit is shared, driving our people to work “vigorously”

One of the objectives of the public listing of UT Group is to create a company that has its employees as a major shareholder.
In our business, human resources are the most precious assets which create corporate value. That is why we want to make our employees receive the outcome of corporate value. We have created an employee shareholding association and established a structure to appropriately allocate the outcome of corporate value.
UT Group will provide employment security, opportunities for growth and career advancement, and a scheme to allocate profit and the outcome of corporate value in order to realize vigorous workplaces.

Four most important values

The following values are the most important for UT Group to become Japan’s representative leading company in the employment service industry, potentially expand business domains, and function as the “employment infrastructure” that supports Japan’s overall industries.


We shall not be complacent with the status quo and shall constantly make brave challenges with a strong ambition.


We shall provide equal opportunities to everyone and create a beneficial playing field for our diverse workforce.


We shall make endless efforts and undertake unprecedented challenges to enhance our own values.

Team Spirit

We shall enhance teamwork and integrated management to enable us to grow.

Action plan for UT Group employees

Our thinking changes our action. And our action can change reality. The UT Group’s action plan “Guidelines"(below) states how we need to act for progress and for achieving a higher goal.
The Guidelines are useful not only to each of us as individuals but also to our organization for daily activities and building organizational systems.

1.We shall always be honest.

We shall be fair and honest in words and actions to anything and anybody, without hiding facts.

2.We shall comply with rules and keep our promises.

We shall act fairly and appropriately in compliance with laws, regulations, social norms, and corporate rules, and keep our promises.

3.We shall be grateful and compassionate.

We shall be grateful and compassionate to people around us and strive to create good working environments and relationships.

4.We shall greet each other with a smile.

We shall greet each other with a cheerful smile and strive to create a positive corporate culture.

5.We shall emphasize speed.

We shall be conscious of speed and efficiency, and make decisions and actions promptly.

6.We shall think and act as our own mind indicates.

We shall always be aware of issues and problems, ask ourselves what we can do, and act proactively.

7.We shall learn and share what we have learned.

We shall always be willing to learn and share what we have learned for our own and organizational growth.

8.We shall emphasize teamwork.

We shall emphasize teamwork to achieve common larger goals, beyond our individual roles. We shall always try to make best of our collective power.

9.We shall think in numbers.

With all goals being numerical, we shall always understand the situation in numbers (data) rather than in words, and use numbers (data) in making decisions.

10.We shall be committed to growth.

We shall set challenging targets for ourselves and our group, and commit ourselves to achieve them.