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Creating a platform for expanding the potential of working people and
for raising competitiveness of client companies

UT Group Co., Ltd. President, Representative Director & CEO
Yoichi Wakayama

Consonant with the corporate mission to “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers,” UT Group aims at developing a sustainable society for both workers and companies by creating a “career development platform,” which can be a new element of social structure.

Many arrangements and institutions that supported Japan’s economy after the Second World War, including the employment pattern based on lifeterm employment, are no longer properly functioning due to a decline in the productive-age population, aging of the population, globalization, and other changes in the environment. In order to cope with such significant changes, I don’t think it is sufficient that companies ensure liquidity in the employment sector. It is important that the entire society gives serious thought on how to make each working person become more productive.
Back at the time when I founded Aim CIC Company (currently UT Aim), the predecessor of UT Group, the worker dispatch industry (manufacturing) was not so transparent and people were rarely conscious of protecting the rights of dispatched workers. A low retention rate of dispatched workers and the resultant lower efficiency in production were considered almost as a norm by the dispatched industry and the client companies.

Questioning whether such a situation was proper, UT Group stood on the side of workers and has been a forerunner since its early stage in adopting comparable personnel-related schemes provided to regular employees of ordinary companies. They include “regular (open-ended ) employment, “skill training” needed for the work, and “pay for skill.”
At first glance, the adoption of these schemes was considered to raise management risks of a dispatching company. Our peers expressed skepticism and we were regarded as a “maverick” at one point. Nonetheless, our client companies agreed with our way of thinking and supported us, while our employees made utmost efforts on their part. This has resulted in our achieving the highest growth rates in the industry and becoming a leading company in Japan in terms of the scale of top-class number of employees.

UT Group will continue to establish a career platform as a place for employment and work training, together with clients and society, by promoting a workstyle that a worker is not bound to a single company and so that we can provide our employees career formation assistance and benefits that are superior to those of ordinary companies. I find this important as elements in our society have become more uncertain and adaptability to changing environment is testing companies as well as individuals.