Social contribution

UT Group’s working environment

With the arrival of an era in which rights of workers are more highly protected, the need for protection of rights of dispatched workers has been widely recognized in society. There has been regulatory progress in protecting employment and career of workers. In the area of manufacturing of electronic components, stricter industry standards have been established. Manufacturing companies as well as dispatching companies are therefore required to take on more social responsibility and comply with new laws and regulations.

Our track record of caring about workers has been highly evaluated

Since the original company opened its doors, UT Group has adopted the corporate policy to hire employees with open-ended employment, and has strived to create both an environment that allows employees to work comfortably and with security and arrangements for them to learn and develop themselves. As a result, our management became quick to respond to the needs of society and has brought about strong performance. UT Group has become trusted by both workers and client companies.

Doing our business is our way to fulfill corporate social responsibility

UT Group’s business model is to place emphasis on its employees’ career formation as its core and to contribute to both workers and client companies.
This model itself is our way to fulfill our social responsibility. We are committed to help grow each and all of our employees, together with client companies and society, and to contribute to growth of Japan’s Monozukuri.

“Bonding” that enables employees to work comfortably and with security

Bonding with a company

Open-ended employment

“Open-ended employment” is a base for dispatched workers to work at ease and advance career.

Bonding with someone to consult with

Career Partner Scheme

UT Group’s strengths include a scheme to allow employees to accumulate experience at their dispatched workplace and training within the group, and advance their career. Internally-certified Career Partners work face-to-face with employees and support each of them in selecting desirable career advancement out of diverse options.

Bonding with associates

Not being isolated but team dispatching

UT Group’s basic dispatching style is to dispatch by a team led by a team leader or a team manager. As employees are not isolated but work and grow together with team members, high retention rate and productivity can be realized.

Corporate benefit programs

Benefit programs

Employee Shareholding Association

Demonstrating our belief that “Employees play major roles”

UT Group introduced its industry’s first employee shareholding association. We realized a scheme to share profits, which are the outcome of corporate growth, among all employees.
This is one of our ways to show employees that their efforts and outcome are fairly rewarded.

Length-of-service awards for employees

Appreciating employees who play roles in corporate culture to learn and help develop others

UT Group gives awards to employees who pass the 10-year and 20-year milestone of working for the Group. They are awarded with a certificate of appreciation, a prize, and gift.
Those awarded employees are expected to play important roles for many more years by utilizing their experience and passing on their knowledge and experience to junior staff.

Mental health support for employees

Helpline for consulting service

The UT Group does not tolerate sexual harassment or power harassment. A Helpline via free dial or e-mail is available for our employees in case of distress or trouble.
Employees can use the Helpline anonymously and privacy is guaranteed for consultees and whistleblowers with no risk of suffering from disadvantages.

Benefit programs

A subsidiary specialized in insurance and other services to employees

In 2012, UT Life Support was established to enhance UT Group’s benefit programs for employees.
The company helps employees buy medical, automobile, and other insurance policies. It also provides“ Ut Group Club Off” services enabling employees to use travel, leisure, sports, shopping, child/elder care services at favorable prices.