UT Group’s Strengths

UT Group’s Strengths

The most precious assets for the UT Group that are engaged in its manufacturing outsourcing business are human resources. We have established a good employment and working environment to allow all of our employees to work vigorously and happily with safety, growth, and rewards. We were the first in the industry to start the employment of regular workers. We have introduced various unprecedented measures such as a variety of educational training and unique programs to motivate our employees. Such efforts enables us to provide high-quality services to our clients as a UT Group that emphasizes human resources.

The industry’s first “regular employment"

“Regular employment" and “teamwork" as the base

The conventional manufacturing outsourcing norm is “non-regular employment for a limited period" where in a worker is hired and dispatched to a client plant only for a contract period.
The UT Group, however, was the first in the industry to adopt “regular employment for an unlimited period" in 1997 with the goal of creating a work environment where all employees can work with ease and security. We then introduced a business model to provide our regular workers as a team to operate whole manufacturing processes of our client in the electronics industry, including semiconductors. Contrary to dispatch of an individual engineer, the UT Group is entrusted with whole processes, and organizes, directs and manages engineers. Young engineers and veteran engineers work as a team with a common goal—foster a spirit of teamwork, and teach and learn from each one other.

Fully covered with social insurance

The UT Group’s employees are fully covered with health insurance, employment insurance, employee pension, and other programs. This was also the first attempt in the manufacturing outsourcing industry.

Mental Health Support for Employees

The UT Group provides regular physical checkups to its employees for maintaining and improving their health. In June 2010, we distributed a booklet “Mental Health, Tips to Notice," which includes a simple checklist on stress levels, to all employees for their physical and mental health. The booklet also listed a variety of consulting institutions where one can get professional advice on his/her stress, anxiety, and distress concerning work conditions, etc.

Helpline for consulting services concerning workplace distress and troubles

Workplace distress and troubles can be stressful to employees. The UT Group does not tolerate sexual harassment or power harassment. A Helpline via free dial or e-mail is available for our employees in case of distress or trouble. Employees can use the Helpline anonymously and privacy is guaranteed for consultees and whistleblowers with no risk of suffering from disadvantages.

Help Making Our Employees Vigorous

The UT Group partners with various welfare services to make employees vigorous while off work. They can enjoy using domestic and overseas hotels, leisure facilities, sports, shopping, childcare and nursing services at a special discount price.

Diverse training programs to foster engineers

One UT

“One UT Project" is available for all UT Group employees for their career advancement. This innovative system allows employees to take training courses to change their job or transfer to another Group company.

Super Manager School

“Super Manager School" is to foster future executives of the UT Group through practical lectures and sessions given by Yoichi Wakayama, President, representative director and CEO of the UT Group, as well as by directors and executive officers.

“MTM Training" Program

“MTM Training" Program fosters management leadership. The themes include “Policy and Personnel Affairs," “Organization Management," “Compliance and Safety," “Administrative Training," “Monozukuri Management," and “Business Management," required for executives in their workplace.

“Remote Training" and “On-Site Training"

The UT Group provides both “Remote Training" from the Head Office and “On-Site Training" at a manufacturing processing site to foster engineers who are scattered around client plants all over Japan.

The Head Office provides efficient effective learning opportunities such as e-learning and correspondence education. The e-learning programs offer various courses covering the basics of semiconductor manufacturing processes to advanced specialized knowledge. Each person can make his/her own study program based on knowledge level.

Easy-to-learn programs, using many images, animation, and videos, allow even a rookie with no experience to obtain knowledge. In October 2010, correspondence education was also introduced. A variety of courses, including those qualifications necessary for operations and for career advancement, helps motivate course attendants.

“On-Site Training" begins from introductory training before joining the workplace to continual learning of engineering skills and know-how under the guidance of team leaders. Furthermore, the UT Group prepares a skill database for each employee so as to always know his/her skill level and to carry out appropriate job rotation. The job rotation allows employees to grow more by acquiring more skills and knowledge.

Fair evaluation and career development support

Entry System

The Entry System is to enable employees to nominate themselves for an important position such as a head of a subsidiary or an executive. This is an attempt to ensure fair opportunities to everyone and to foster executives and personnel who can think about taking initiatives in contributing to the Company. The system has helped generating passionate executives with challenging spirits.

Clearly identify skill levels and realize fair evaluation and rewards.

A Various in-depth knowledge and skills are indispensable in obtaining orders of a wide range of manufacturing outsourcing services in advanced industries.

The UT Group certifies each worker’s skill level based on the Job Grade system of five skill levels required for operation. Capability of each individual is explicitly shown by skill elements, such as understanding and judgment, planning and presentation, management, attitude, knowledge, and technique. This enables clear assessment of employee capabilities and planning of their educational programs.

Furthermore, we have established a performance evaluation system for improvement and to maintain employee motivation and enhance retention rates. Every six months, each employee is evaluated from three viewpoints: capability based on the Job Grade; outcome compared to the target; and daily activities. The results are used for determining salary adjustment as well as promotion or demotion.

Career path for support of personal development

The UT Group provides various opportunities to employees who take up challenges for higher goals.

For example, if a manufacturing operator accumulates experience and reaches a skill level required in the Job Grade, he could transfer to a work in equipment maintenance through which more advanced skills can be obtained. Depending on personal characteristics or goals, employees can take career paths to obtain more engineering skills or management skills and advanced careers.

Internal Systems to Enhance Motivation

FC Grand Prix for workplaces to compete on their improvements

FC Grand Prix is held to award outstanding achievements of employees and workplaces as method to create a vigorous workplace empowering workers.

This is a competition in which teams from FC (factories) and other workplaces across Japan present their achievements in improving productivity, quality and environment. The Grand Prix, the Award for Excellence, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Special Award are presented. This is another way to help motivate employees and make them share their know-how.

Exchange Views with the Management

The Direct Mail to the President is available for the UT Group employees to convey their opinions directly to the President such as proposals and requests to improve the workplace. The company presentation by the management is another occasion for a dialogue between employees and the management. Through promoting such dialogue, employees’ voices and their awareness of the issues may be reflected to improve the Group management and foster the unity of the organization.

Length-of-service awards for employees who pass the 10-year milestone

The UT Group gives awards to employees who pass the 10-year milestone of working for the Group as of April 1. They are awarded with a certificate of appreciation, a prize, and gift. Those awarded employees are expected to play important roles for many more years by utilizing their experience and passing on their knowledge and experience to junior staff.