Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy

We are committed to disclose information to our shareholders and investors in a transparent, fair, consistent, timely, and appropriate manner. Our timely disclosure strictly complies with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the guidelines of Tokyo Stock Exchange (JASDAQ). Furthermore, regarding to information disclosure that is not covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules but may be useful in better understanding the Company, we have a policy to disclose information in a fair and appropriate manner.

2.Information disclosure methods

When disclosing any of the information covered under the Timely Disclosure Rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange (JASDAQ), we will comply with its disclosure rules, and after briefing to JASDAQ Stock Exchange, will openly publicize the information on TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) provided by JASDAQ Stock Exchange. Information publicized on the webpage of TDnet will be promptly posted after announcement to the media and on the Company’s website. Due to preparation of PDF files and other tools, the publication of such information may be delayed.

As we believe that the Company’s website is one of the most important tools to disseminate information to shareholders and investors, information that is not directly covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules but may be useful in better understanding the Company, we disclose it in a fair and appropriate manner.

3.Financial forecasts and other forward-looking statements

Financial forecasts and other forward-looking statements on this website have been prepared based on information available at the time of its preparation, and judged reasonable by the management of the Company. Although we do no our utmost efforts to achieve these targets, actual results may differ from the above forecasts, due to changes in the market condition, economic environment, and other factors.

4.Silence period

To prevent leakage of information on financial results and ensure fairness, a period from the end of the fiscal periods to the date of the announcement of quarterly financial results is defined as a silence period, in which we will not answer any inquiry or make any comment about our financial results. However, in the event of any prospective material change in financial results during such silence period, we will make disclosure in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

5.Other matters

Information on UT Group's website is provided for a better understanding of the Company and its Group, does not solicit investment. Please note that investment decisions shall be made at the responsibility of users.