Top Message [Message to shareholders and investors]

Following a new corporate vision, “Create jobs nationwide in Japan,” UT Group is entering a new growth phase.

To establish the corporate mission to “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers” for the benefit of all people who are willing to contribute to society through work,” we have been the industry’s first in taking up numerous challenges. Our focus since our foundation in 1995 has always been to provide stable employment, and personal and career advancement opportunities to these workers.

In addition to vocational training, that is vital in workplaces, we have adopted unprecedented and transformational schemes that assist workers take up challenges and grow. They include One UT Project that assists career change of employees in manufacturing dispatch positions to become engineers doing design and development or become construction engineers; and UT Entry System for all employees to apply for re-assignment, including promotion to an executive, managerial, or other important position.

We adopted a new vision, to “Create jobs nationwide in Japan” in our business plan which started in FY3/2017. Our target is to increase the number of technical employees to around 29,000 by FY3/2021, the final year of the plan. Our aim is to create more good workplaces and jobs by appropriately responding to needs for personnel by our clients nationwide in the midst of rising needs for dispatched workers resulting from changes in the economic environment. We will further enhance our capability to assist career formation of our employees and establish an environment in which they can take up the challenge of advancing their career among a variety of options. We are determined to create vigorous workplaces nationwide.

I would like to ask for your continued understanding and support to UT Group’s initiatives and challenges.

Yoichi Wakayama
President, Representative Director & CEO