• Privacy policy

Privacy policy

With regard to personal information of the UT Group’s clients, business partners, employees, and others we use for our business operation, we shall comply with the laws, ordinances and standards concerning personal information protection. We have established voluntary rules and systems, with due consideration even to international trends, and the following Personal Information Protection Policy. We declare that we shall implement the Policy to protect personal information.

Personal Information Protection Policy


In order to implement the above declaration, we have established the Personal Information Management Rules. We shall educate our employees (including executives, employees, part-time workers, and dispatch workers) to raise awareness about this and ensure full information security literacy. We shall monitor our information protection measures, and continue review and improvement.


We shall create the Security Policy to prevent loss, destruction, alteration and/or leakage of personal information in the possession of the UT Group  and implement information security measures to prevent illegal access, computer virus, etc.


We shall acquire personal information through legitimate and fair means. We shall notify the person in advance and confirm that the individual consents to such a use or notify on requirement matters on the UT Group website.


When acquiring personal information indirectly through a third party, we shall ascertain that such information has been obtained in an appropriate manner, make necessary contract arrangement, and notify the purpose of use of personal information on the UT Group website.


Being aware that an owner of personal information is entitled to request to disclose, revise, stop use of and/or delete his/her information provided to the UT Group, we shall promptly respond to such request from the owner.


When using personal information with the third party or outsourcing the handling of personal information to the third party, we shall check the third party, exchange a contract if needed, and take measures as required by law.


We shall establish the following rules concerning specific collection and handling of personal information.
Rules on Use of Personal Information
We shall use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use and as needed for executing the business.
Prohibited Matters

  • We shall not use personal information other than for the purpose of use, bring out the information from the ordinary place to be used, leak the information by means such as to send the mail that contains the information to outside.

  • Our employees, without due cause, shall not provide personal information obtained through their work to any third party, or use it for unjust purpose. This obligation shall remain intact after their resignation from the work concerning the personal information and we shall take necessary measures.

  • We shall not obtain, use or provide personal information which contains any of the following information:

ⅰ.Information relating to personal philosophy, belief or religion;

ⅱ.Information relating to race, ethnicity, family background, domicile (except for information on the prefecture in which the person is located), physical or mental disability or criminal record or other matters that may cause social discrimination;

ⅲ.Information relating to the right to organize, or any acts of collective bargaining or other collective actions as a worker;

ⅳ.Information relating to participation in acts of mass demonstration, exercise of petition rights or other political rights; or

ⅴ.Information relating to health and medical conditions or sex life.

Yoichi Wakayama
Representative Director and CEO
UT Group Co., Ltd.