UT Group’s mission and vision

UT Group’s mission and vision

People are the biggest resource in Japan, a country with limited resources. UT Group’s mission is to “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers” by offering people a workplace where they can shine. Specifically, “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers” y, we provide workers with opportunities to take on challenges and an environment to grow, by providing the best match between workers and companies. We strongly believe that this is our way to open the way to the future of Japan.

We will create places that generate vitality for the future of Japan.

Japan is in the midst of a paradigm shift in its industrial and economic structures. The Japanese monozukuri (manufacturing) work front has dramatically changed as a result of IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives, while needs for human resources are also changing instantly in quality and volume. In the meantime, the declining birth rate, the aging population, and the economic disparity between the haves and have nots have resulted in a significant supply/demand gap between areas and industries. Given such an environment, UT Group has declared its new vision to “Create jobs nationwide in Japan.” As a part of the new social infrastructure, we will endeavor to respond better than ever to needs in human resources. Through such efforts, we will help create new jobs in various regions and develop human resources, thereby bringing new vitality to Japan’s labor market.

Point 1

Nihon Aim, a former company of UT Group, includes in its corporate name the English word "aim" to demonstrate its high aspirations and determination. As this name suggests, we have been striving hard to “Create vigorous workplaces empowering workers” with unchanging high aspirations.

Point 2

UT Group’s Corporate Brand “UT” means Upward Together. It incorporates our passion to grow businesses together with our clients.