I have worked hard for 25 years without giving up, thanks to the support of my loving family.

I have worked hard for 25 years without giving up, thanks to the support of my loving family.


Tsutomu Kumagai


Born and raised in Brazil, Tsutomu came to Japan when he was 22. A year later, he joined UT SURI-EMU (SURI-EMU back then) as a technical employee. After experiencing many workplaces as line leader and then as area leader, he became a manager of general office work in 2017 and has since been in charge of managing multiple dispatched workplaces.

Since joining SURI-EMU, Tsutomu has been a young leader and has contributed to many client workplaces, including work at start-up of some manufacturing sites. What is the driving force that has made him take responsible roles and grow while enhancing his Japanese language skills and becoming familiar with Japanese culture?

Since I came to Japan at 22, I have overcome language barriers.

Since I came to Japan at 22, I have overcome language barriers.

I wanted to work in Japan where my mother grew up. With such a desire, I came to Japan when I was 22. After a year of working at a manufacturing site, I joined SURI-EMU. At first I was engaged in general work, but after six months, my boss asked me to become a leader. I had no experience as a leader and no confidence in my Japanese language skills although I studied Japanese in Brazil. However, you wouldn’t know unless you try. So I decided to take the chance.

Initially I struggled most with the language. As a leader, I had more opportunities to talk with clients. At first, I tried hard to write down the words I didn’t know, and later had to ask questions. If I decide to do it, I don’t give up on achieving my goal. My contacts at the client companies trusted me for my seriousness and were really helpful to kindly teach me various things.

Since then I was assigned to various clients’ workplaces and worked as a person responsible for the manufacturing sites where my associates of UT SURI-EMU performed outsourced work. I was even responsible for the start-up of a manufacturing line at a workplace in Indonesia, on a long-term assignment. I drew pictures and taught local people who didn’t understand English nor Japanese, and bought a book on Indonesian to study it. I had a precious experience in overcoming the language barrier to a certain extent.

I value most the importance of communicating with people. I have talked with various people of different cultures and have enhanced my ability to communicate. I always keep in mind to closely listen to what the other person wants to say, first and foremost.

I have accomplished having the home of my dreams.

I have accomplished having the home of my dreams.

In 2017, I changed from being a technical employee to being a manager of general office work and has since then been managing multiple dispatched workplaces. It is now my job to tell what I have learned to Brazilian-Japanese associates and leaders who work hard at various workplaces. In Japan, companies tend to have fixed rules and the way of thinking also differs from that of Brazil. So some associates are perplexed at first. What is important then is to help keep them in the communication loop so that cultural differences would not cause misunderstanding in the workplace.

“Your dispatched staff are great.”
“Your company has great services and response.”

I am so pleased when the clients praise my associates at UT SURI-EMU. I help create an environment where our people can have good relationships with others and be motivated to work. I myself always try to take up new challenges in work, because they make me feel invigorated. I am determined to do my best whenever I get an opportunity.

I have been able to work hard because of the support of my family. I had long desired to own a house for my wife and our two daughters, and last year I finally achieved it. I feel so happy when I spend time with my family in the living room. Another dream of mine is to open a cafe with my wife someday. I will do my best in the future too.