A place to acquire the required skills,
for you to develop the career you want.

The UT Advanced Career Center (UTACC) is an engineering training facility designed to meet the needs of client companies who need engineers. Complete, hands-on training from an ex-engineer dedicated instructor will give participants the minimum knowledge required within a limited time frame. UTACC also serves to raise engineers’ skills or develop multi-skilled engineers.

Connect client companies and employees

For companies wanting to secure engineers

UTACC is where you can get engineers with practical skills. Difficulty in securing engineers is a major problem common to manufacturing. It is even more difficult to secure personnel with practical on-site capability. The UT Advanced Career Center (UTACC) is an organization established to solve this problem and to prepare excellent engineers for research and production work. UT Group is able to produce 1,000 engineers per year with the skills and knowledge required in the workplace.

For those who want to be an engineer

UTACC is where you can expand career potential. "I really wanted to be an engineer.” “I recently started thinking about becoming an engineer." UT Group is willing to help you achieve your wish. This is because we know that you can expand your life's potential and we would like to witness your growth. UTACC will guide you when you take up the challenge of becoming an engineer.

Strengths of UTACC

UTACC offers a combination of training in theory and practice to educate even the novice to quickly get to the start line for becoming an engineer.

Knowledge, technology, and technical terms that you can learn in a short time

A basic training course that focuses on the fundamentals of engineering and a training course to learn about a specific area are available for the unexperienced personnel. By taking these courses, you can learn the knowledge and skills, and get to the start line as an engineer candidate. We also provide many advanced courses for experienced engineers.

Veteran engineers directly teach you

UTACC offers a wide range of training courses, from social manners to production quality control, IT literacy for engineers, design fundamentals, fundamentals of electricity and mechanics, and simulation.
All instructors are dedicated lecturers and have worked in diverse areas. You can acquire practical skills as the training content is based on the experience of the instructors. In addition to face-to-face training, online live training courses are available.

Online training to be taken anywhere

While we are working to train engineers mainly at our primary UTACC site (in Gotanda, Tokyo), we have in mind the slogan "Create jobs nationwide in Japan" and our employees work in various regions. We have therefore introduced e-learning by using video and covering all of our locations at once for employees across the country. The same training course can be taken in real time, from anywhere in Japan, with no differences in content by location or instructor.

Thinking about career formation "Career Counseling (Interview)"

After you join UT Group, your first counseling will take place on the second or third day of your initial training. The first interview is to check your motivation or progress in learning and receive advice for the future. The second interview is held just before the end of the training course to confirm the status of your training, future prospects, and motivation. All counseling members are qualified as Carrier Partners and Job Card Creation Advisors. Some members have a career counselor status, which is a national qualification, and offer sincere, accurate advice to trainees.